Do you have a day job?

I do... well a night job I guess. I am A theatrical technician, digital media and lighting designer. You can find more of my design work here. I work for a number of theaters in the Denver and Northern Colorado area running or designing for dance companies, theatrical productions, concerts, and comedians. 

If you have a day job why do you shoot weddings?

I realized shortly after graduation that theater is fleeting. It is a moment in time, every night is different and every night is a one time only show even if its one that is repeated many times. There is nothing lasting and I never have the opportunity to connect with the people seeing the shows when I am running them. I felt a bit lost in an industry that is challenging on its best day and volatile on its worst.  

I got married in the summer of 2013 and our photographer needed an assistant, well at least my husband and maid of honor thought he did. He called me a few weeks after my own wedding and asked if I wanted to shadow him, by the end of the year I was second shooting for him and the rest is history. 

While theater is the majority of my income still, weddings make me happy. I love my couples. I love how for the day I get to be a part of all their crazy and not so crazy families. I love how I get to capture a moment in time for them and preserve it for their children and their grand children to remember. I love how I can capture people in a way that makes them feel special and shows them in a way that is unique to them and their event. I love how I get to make something lasting when I spend so much time creating a moment that will fade with the lights I spend so much time moving.  

What do you shoot with?

I carry 2 Canon 6D bodies on me at every wedding. All my lenses are Canon L glass professional lenses. I have prime and zoom but I prefer the look of prime lenses. 


How quickly should I expect a response from you?

I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Sometimes, particularly on a busy weekend it may not be until the following Monday. Due to the nature of the fields I work in I do not respond to emails or answer calls while on a job or with another client.

This is for two major reasons.

First when I am at a wedding or event my attention needs to be on that client. It is their time and they are paying me do do the job for them not you. When it is your wedding or engagement session the same rules apply. I want to be present for my clients not having my head buried in a phone. 

Second is given the nature of my day job it its dangerous to have my phone on me at times. I am in the air running a spotlight or standing on catwalks, scaffolding, and ladders to reach lights a large portion of my day. Some of these are 40+ feet off the ground and it is dangerous to have a loose item that high with me. In addition the industry I work in is one of the top 10 most dangerous in the country and while on a job I need to devote all my attention to the job at hand and not to my emails. If I have time I respond during breaks and meals but if not I do it the next morning generally. 

If it is an emergency or urgent call and leave me a message this ensures that I get back to you first when I have a change.

Do you offer consultations?

Yes! and they are free. I can do a consultation by phone, FaceTime, or at a coffee shop near by. Please email me to set one up.

Are consultations important?

Yes! I recommend doing one with any vendor who will be present the day of your event if possible. After all I get to join your family for the day I want to be sure you don't hate my guts first... but seriously I will be following you around on a stressful day and if my personality is a poor fit to yours you will not like any pictures i take no matter how good they are because you were mad at me all day. I want you to love your experience just as much as I love working with all my clients.

What do I need to do to book?

To hold your date I need to have a signed contract and a non-refundable retainer in hand. This allows me to pull your date off my calendar so that I won't be available for another event. 

Can I add on to my package?

Can I cut the album from my package?

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I have worked with many brides to break up payments and help you to not get hit all at once. 

Why is photography so expensive? Its just pointing and shooting a picture right?

Wrong! On average I put between 35 and 50 hours into every wedding I shoot. You can see a more accurate time breakdown here. Generally speaking it will take me 3 hours (minimum) to cull and get rid of the bad, out of focus, gross expressions, blinks, and other images that don't match my standards. From there it can take between 2 min and an hour to edit each image depending upon the intensity of editing needed. 

This is after the meeting, the planning, and the shooting before hand. IT is also not taking into account the cost of equipment, maintenance, taxes, insurance, travel and all the other fun business stuff you need to think about. You can see a breakdown of where the money you pay goes here if you are so inclined. 

Do you offer discounts?

No. I feel that discounting for one bride and not another is unfair to both. As a result I do not offer discounts to any couple. My packages are based on hours shooting, editing required, and products given, I have carefully planned them out to cover all my operating costs and still pay myself and my assistant or second shooter, if i give you a discount the only place I can cut from this is the pay I give myself for the event (and trust me when I say I don't do it for the money as it is).

Do you have insurance? Can you provide proof to my venue?

Yes (on both fronts)

If you haven't been to my venue will you go to see it before my wedding day?

No. This is for two reasons. 

1. I am good at my job, I could be photographing you in a dump and still find ways to make it look good because I understand my camera and I understand how light works.

2. It will NEVER be the same. I have been to many venues multiple times. It is NEVER the same conditions twice. The light changes depending upon the time of year for one, but its colorado and our weather is unpredictable. Its beautiful one day and we are living in the fog of a forrest fire the next (seriously just happened! It was so bad we couldn't see the mountain across from us in the mountains) or it could snow. 

Do you do family photos?

Only for past wedding clients.