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The Fractured Fassett is a place to welcome you into my world. I talk about my photostories,  travel experiences, lessons from wedding photography, life in the theater industry, ways I have learned to grow as a person and so much more. 

The Fractured Fassett

The business side of my brand, I started SDP in 2013 right out of college. 

Though the brand has changed and evolved through the years SDP has always strived to produce honest images in collaboration with our clients. 

Be it documenting your relationship, your wedding, or the event your business is hosting I work with you to capture it in a beautiful and honest fashion. 

Sea Dust Photography

There's a new kid in town!

The podcast about how sometimes the worst moment of you life is really clearing the way for a new start is on its way. 

Join us October 1st 2020!

Life After Lemons

By: Nicole Kramer

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Hey guys, I'm Nicole

I believe in finding beauty in the ordinary and showing life for what it is. Sometimes that's wonder, or love, or hope. Other times its pain, or anxiety, or struggle. Life is raw, it is layers of experiences folded together to make us who we are. It's messy, it's complicated, it's joyful and unexpected and quite honestly a roller coster of ups and downs and unexpected left turns but most of all its honest.
As for me...

I'm a Colorado girl with a love of adventures, pizza, spending way to much money on movie tickets and popcorn.
I have a background in event operations and lighting design for performance (or lighting people on stages) complete with a degree and over 11 years in the entertainment industry as a designer, venue manager, and event planner. This is all a fancy way to say I spent years learning how events work and how to see or manipulate light (I could literally stare at the light in the leaves as the wind makes them dance for hours). 

When I was 22 I picked up a Canon Rebel for a photojournalism class my last semester of college and six months later I started my own business with no experience and no idea what I was getting myself into. I stumbled into the wedding industry that same year as a bride and proudly spent the next 5 years as a wedding photographer. Considering how little I knew I was actually doing really well. I was shooting at least 15 weddings a year between my weddings and my work as a second for Earl James Photography. I loved my clients, I was getting steady inquiries, and I even had a physical boudoir studio for almost a year helping women feel confident in their own skin. I filled in where I could with random theater gigs or event gi, and designs in the slower months and I was genuinely happy with the direction I was going. 

I'm not talking about the perfect moments that we want everyone to see but the real, raw, emotional ones that build who we are. These are the moments that light our souls on fire, and fill our hearts with joy; they are the ones that tear us down so we can be rebuilt stronger, or capture our wonder and curiosity. 

In todays world, where everything moves at such a fast pace and we live our lives tied to screens these real and human moments are treasures.These moments, these emotions, these images are the ones that matter.

Together we will document your story as a legacy.

My mission is to honestly document the emotions and experiences that frame your life and teach others to do the same