It is widely accepted that we are the most photographed generation in history...

By: Nicole Kramer

But how much of that is true documentation of our culture and our society. We take and share images in a constant highlight reel. We share the large events and the beautiful moments but these images are all incredibly biased and designed to show us in a curated way. 

What I love about street photography is how beautifully honest it is. There is no curation or complicated planning. It is simple, me, my camera, and the world around me. It shows the truth of everyday life from an observers perspective. I have never met any of the people in my photographs but they are true and honest depictions of daily life in the place they were taken.  In that moment I was able to capture a fleeting slice of a life grazing mine as it cascades down its own path complete and unaware of my existence. 

APRIL 2018

Black and White
Canon 6D

Denver, Colorado

Black and White
Canon 6D

Brussles, Belgium
APRIL 2018

Canon 6D

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